Automotive, Aerospace, Metals & Other Firms Choose Queretaro to Manufacture in Mexico

Queretaro Mexico Manufacturing Development -

Welcome to Queretaro, one of the most successful industrial cities in Mexico. Located just 100 miles north of Mexico City and directly on the NAFTA highway, the city offers incoming companies a strong manufacturing infrastructure. Several hundred foreign companies have located in Queretaro in response to an exceptional labor environment, strong government incentives, first tier industrial parks - buildings, and a solid supplier base.

Labor Cost – Corporate site selectors often choose the city based on Queretaro’s labor environment. As compared with other Mexico industrial cities Queretaro offers a very low turnover rate, competitive labor rates, plus excellent schools and technical training centers creating a low cost skilled and semi-skilled labor base unequaled across Mexico.

Real Estate – Queretaro industrial parks, including the Queretaro Aerospace Park, Queretaro Industrial Park, El Tepeyac, El Marquez, and several others have Class A and Class B industrial buildings and distribution centers for lease or sale, commercial buildings for lease or sale, and land for build to suits. Commercial and industrial real estate brokers include the Queretaro Mexico Industrial Real Estate office.

Shelter Manufacturing – U.S. and other foreign companies entering Mexico have the option to manufacture as a shelter or under an administrative services contract. In this arrangement a Mexico shelter operator or administrative services provider handles everything except actual production i.e. provides employees, building… This is one option for a quick startup in Queretaro.

Incentives – Queretaro State government and Mexico’s federal government offer incentives for some foreign manufacturing companies to locate in the State of Queretaro. The size and availability of an incentive package depends on, among other things, the size of the investment, number of employees, strategic importance of the industry, and vary from certain tax moratoriums to significant capital grants or real estate incentives.

Queretaro welcomes foreign manufacturing investment and offers low cost of labor, an ample supply of buildings for lease or sale in Queretaro industrial parks, shelter manufacturing options, and exceptional government incentives.

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